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Survey shows patient health suffering from delayed care during COVID

The 3rd Conversation partnered with the Larry A. Green Center and Primary Care Collaborative to distribute the results of a recent survey of primary care clinicians, featured in this article from Fierce Healthcare:

  • 37% of primary care physicians say their patients with chronic conditions are in noticeably worse health resulting from the pandemic

  • 56% of surveyed clinicians have seen an increase in negative health burdens due to delayed or inaccessible care

  • 85% of respondents report that the mental health of their patients has decreased during the pandemic, with 31% seeing a rise in patients suffering with addiction

“These survey results are sounding a very loud alarm bell that I hope everyone hears,” said Christine Bechtel, patient advocate and co-founder of 3rd Conversation and X4Health. “After the first pandemic wave, around one in 10 primary care practices was predicting closure, and 40% had laid off staff. Are we going to let that happen again? President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 task force has an opportunity to do what no leaders have yet done: target resources to primary care so that the backbone of the U.S. health system survives when we need it the most.”

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