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Connection through Dialogue: 3rd Conversation on the ResetMD Podcast

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Yesterday, the newest episode of the ResetMD podcast, which showcases physicians discussing their stories and pearls of wisdom for well-being, featured our co-founder, Jennifer Sweeney.

Connection through Dialogue on ResetMD Podcast

Her pearls of well-being wisdom included:

  • Having authentic conversations helps people be seen, heard, and understood

  • The problem is the system, and not the people in the system

  • It is a relief to be able to come into a conversation being your full authentic self, and not have to actively problem solve

  • It is important to learn how to come to a conversation with both requests and offers

  • We have so much in common, including our shared humanity - realizing this can lead to increased trust and hope


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