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A centerpiece of 3rd Conversation is our Spark events; however: as of March 1, 2020 we have paused all in-person events.

However, all interested sites can apply for a spot on our wait list. We typically schedule Spark events months in advance.


Our sense is that post-Coronavirus, the health system will need empathy-building, inspiring opportunities to come together more than ever.  We'll be ready.

In the meantime, track our latest work and thinking in our online community. We are working with patients and clinicians to figure out how best we can support this new reality, and we'll post updates there. 



More About Spark Events


What is a Spark event? It's a professionally facilitated 3 hour gathering where patients and clinicians explore how reinventing the patient-provider relationship can be a source of power, healing and fulfillment.

3rd Conversation Spark events typically include 12-15 patients and 12-15 clinicians.​ 

In structured pairs, as well as small and whole group discussions, participants identify what could be done to inject more human connection into health care. They gain important insights about each other and have an opportunity to "dream storm" a new future together. 

Let us know if you're interested and our team will walk you through the basics. We're also designing a new Spark event to include administrators and leadership, alongside patients and clinicians.  

Organizations Who Succeed at 3rd Conversation Are: 

  • Open to learning and innovation 

  • Able to organize a group of 12 clinicians and 12 patients for an evening together 

  • Experienced at teaming with others to co-create success

  • Willing to dedicate an hour a week for six weeks to planning

  • Able to participate in an online community

What does the 3C National Team Do? 

  • We fund all the direct costs of the Spark event (food, supplies, etc.) 

  • We provide an expert event planner and a trained facilitator for the Spark event

  • We walk approved sites through the entire process and advise on next steps

  • We attend, set up and break down the Spark event and ensure its success

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