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Is it time for the 3rd Conversation at your organization?

It starts with a Spark... literally!

3rd Conversation Spark events bring together patients and providers to connect as human beings and to explore how reinventing the patient-clinician relationship can be a source of power, healing and fulfillment.


Spark events typically take place in the evening from 4:30-8:00pm and include 12-15 patients and 12-15 clinicians.


​1)   Coming to the table

We begin the evening by sharing a meal together.  Sharing a meal does more than nourish our bodies; it also feeds our emotional sides and draws us together.


​2)   Storytelling

A Patient and Clinician Storyteller each share a personal story about the patient-clinician relationship and model vulnerability to the group. 


​3)   Paired Conversations

Provider and patient pairs sit across from each other—knee-to-knee—and talk about how the health care system really works, and how it could change. 


​4)   Working Together

In structured small and whole group discussions, participants identify key themes that came out of their interviews and discuss what they can do individually and together to infuse human connection and bi-directional empathy back into health care.

​​Hosting a 3rd Conversation requires some reflection and advance planning. We encourage those interested in learning more about starting 3rd Conversation to review the following information. Please check the FAQ as well.


If you answer 'yes' to the questions below, you are ready to start the 3rd Conversation.


Is your organization open to learning and innovation?

✓ Do you have a team of people available to help plan a 3rd Conversation ?

✓ Can your team dedicate one hour every other week for a phone call with the 3C site success team?

✓ Are you able to recruit a diverse and action-oriented group of 12-15 local clinicians and 12-15 patients for an in-person event?

✓ Do you have the desire to share your story in publications and at conferences?

✓ Is your organization tech-friendly and willing to participate in an online community to about the 3rd Conversation, human connection and the importance of clinician-patient relationships?

✓ Have you joined the online community conversation and it feels like the right time and place for you and your team?

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