Reimagining Health Care:
Human Connection as the Foundation for Transformation

Human connection is needed now more than ever, as we engage in social distancing to prevent spread of COVID-19. That's why we've redesigned 3rd Conversation to be held virtually until it is safe to resume meeting in person.

Let us know you're interested in a 3rd Conversation event:

3C Spark - Held virtually over Zoom; includes professional facilitation, paired conversations, and small group breakouts for patients and clinicians

3C Ignite - Held virtually over Zoom; designed for health care administrators and clinicians 



What is a 3C Spark Event? 


  • Professionally facilitated gathering 

  • For patients and clinicians OR health care administrators and clinicians

  • Explores how human connection and relationships can be a source of power, healing, fulfillment, and gateway to sustained system change

  • Ideal for groups of between 8-26 participants

In structured pairs, as well as small and whole group discussions, participants:

  • Reflect on "best of" moments in health care

  • Identify ways to infuse health care with human connection

  • Gain important insights that allow them to better connect with one another

  • "Dream storm" a new future together

Let us know if you are interested and our team will walk you through the basics of either a traditional or virtual event! 

The 3rd Conversation is provided at no-cost to communities, due to generous funding support from the Morris-Singer Foundation and New York State Health Foundation.

Organizations that will most benefit from  3rd Conversation are: 

  • Open to learning and innovation 

  • Have an internal "champion" who can bring participants together 

  • Interested in exploring human connection and the power of relationships 

  • Experienced at teaming with others to co-create success

  • Available to become an active part of an online community focused on forging strong relationships in health care