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Reimagining Health Care:
Human Connection as the Foundation for Transformation

Start 3C at Your Organization: Join the Movement

Human connection is needed now more than ever. That's why we've redesigned 3rd Conversation events to be held both virtually or in person.

Let us know you're interested in a 3rd Conversation event:



Spark events bring together clinicians and patients to connect and talk openly about working in the system and receiving care. The experience builds empathy and a deep appreciation for one another's core humanity. 

Ignite events bring together administrators and clinicians to process the COVID experience, connect as human beings, and imagine a better future together. 























What is a 3C Spark Event? 

  • Flagship 3C event experience

  • For patients and clinicians 

  • Reminds participants of the importance of the patient/clinician relationship

  • Explores how human connection and relationships can be a source of power, healing, fulfillment, and gateway to sustained system change

  • Helps participants envision the future of the health care system

Event Details:

  • Approximately 2.5 hours

  • Ideal for groups of between 12-20 participants

  • Held virtually on Zoom

  • Led by a professional facilitator

What is a 3C Ignite Event?

  • Designed during COVID to address current needs

  • For clinicians and health care system administrators

  • Provides opportunity to better understand each other's experiences and strengthen relationships

  • Generates deeper and sustained connections as a catalyst for health care systems change

Event Details:

  • Approximately 3 hours

  • Ideal for groups of 16-20 participants

  • Held virtually on Zoom

  • Led by a professional facilitator 

Goals of 3rd Conversation


  • Give health care stakeholders an opportunity to reconnect, process their experiences within the healthcare system, and lean on human connection as a source of relief 

  • Inspire systemic change

  • Elevate the importance of relationships to health

  • Reduce burnout rates by helping clinicians reconnect to their purpose

  • Inspire patients and families to better navigate and be supported within their health care journeys

  • Shift health care stakeholder perspectives and elicit empathy for their respective experiences

Organizations that will most benefit from  3rd Conversation are: 

  • Open to learning and innovation

  • Have an internal "champion" who can bring participants together 

  • Interested in exploring human connection and the power of relationships 

  • Experienced at teaming with others to co-create success

Interested in hosting an event? 

Let us know and our team will walk you through the basics of either a traditional or virtual 3C event! 

The 3rd Conversation is made possible through support from the Morris-Singer Foundation and is coordinated by X4 Health, a purpose-driven organization dedicated to innovation and human-centered health care.

Contact us about funding opportunities

A clinician shares the impact of 3C (Videos):

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