We’re reinventing the patient-clinician relationship — from the inside out.

Providers and patients want the same thing.  . . . It’s insightful to hear from patients personally.


The idea for the 3rd Conversation  came out of our experiences as patients, clinicians, family caregivers, and advocates witnessing the health care system failing the people who are supposed to be at its core.

We believe...  

Connected, authentic relationships in health care are both an end and a means. Health care systems rooted in human connection, trust, and empathy will improve patient experience and outcomes, reduce clinician burnout, increase well-being, and ultimately reduce costs. 

In the power and potential of human connection to help heal our health care system from the inside out.

When people feel seen, heard, and understood at a deep level, they can work together in new, more fulfilling ways and can uncover innovative solutions to intractable health care challenges.

The collective creation of meaning can change lives and the course of health care history. By optimizing the power of community, we can replace old paradigms that have been unable to advance the system into the future. 

The 3rd Conversation  is made possible through support from the Morris-Singer Foundation and is coordinated by X4 Health, a purpose-driven organization dedicated to innovation and human-centered health care.




A great group of individuals serves as the core leadership for the 3rd Conversation.




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