We’re reinventing relationships and sparking connection between patients, clinicians, and administrators

This has more resonance to me than a patient survey. I hope we can do this on a regular basis.

 - Clinician

It's beneficial to see each other in a different way, outside of our normal roles. 

- Administrator

Moving forward, I will try to be a voice advocating for how much we can do if we work together. 

- Patient



The idea for the 3rd Conversation  came out of our experiences as patients, clinicians, family caregivers, advocates, and administrators witnessing the health care system failing the people who are supposed to be at its core.

We believe...  

By creating connection at a human, heart level, we can rebuild not just stakeholder relationships, but health care itself - from the inside out

The way the health care system has evolved has been disruptive to relationships

We created 3rd Conversation to engineer the humanity back into health care.

The 3rd Conversation  is made possible through support from the Morris-Singer Foundation and the New York State Health Foundation and is coordinated by X4 Health, a purpose-driven organization dedicated to innovation and human-centered health care.

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A great group of individuals serves as the core leadership for the 3rd Conversation.



Christine is a well-known consumer advocate with a passion for improving health care policy and practice. She is an expert in methods for involving patients and families in health care improvement strategies. Just one cat shy of crazy-cat-lady status, she’s also an avid golfer.


A writer, teacher, and storyteller, Matt is an expert on the use of narrative as a tool for connection, teamwork, and leadership development. He helps people leverage personal stories for social good and systems change. Ask Matt for the story behind his opposition to starched shirts. 


Andrew Morris-Singer, MD is the co-director of the Morris Singer Foundation and the Chair of Primary Care Progress. He is a board-certified internal medicine physician, primary care thought leader and entrepreneurial philanthropist. A clear under-achiever, he enjoys surfing and other outdoor activities in his “ample” spare time.


Jennifer is a consumer advocate and mover and shaker in the world of health care improvement.  She has deep knowledge of patient- and family-centered care and multi-stakeholder governance processes and also serves on her local hospital’s patient advisory board. In her “downtime,” Jennifer can be found wrangling her two teens and three dogs.