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3rd Conversation

We believe that by creating connection at a human, heart level, we can rebuild not just the patient-clinician relationship, but health care itself — from the inside out.

Health care today is tough on patients and clinicians. Many feel powerless, frustrated, and angered by our broken system. Clinicians are burning out and leaving practice at alarming rates; depression and suicide are on the rise. Patients often feel left alone to fend for themselves in a complex system.

Right now, patients and clinicians are talking about their respective experiences in separate conversations. We think it's time for a new conversation – a 3rd conversation – that brings us together to connect as humans and explore how reinventing the patient-clinician relationship can be a source of power, healing, and fulfillment. Learn more.

3rd Conversation pilots are happening throughout 2018. Interested in hosting your own 3rd Conversation?


The patient-clinician relationship is the bedrock of a thriving health care system. Patients want and need a strong relationship with their care team, and relationship can be a primary source of fulfillment for clinicians. 

In the 3rd Conversation , clinicians, patients, and family caregivers sit knee to knee and connect as individuals. They talk about working in the system and receiving care. The experience is designed to build empathy and a deep appreciation for one other's core humanity. We believe that fostering this connection can mitigate clinician burnout and lead to lasting change.

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…everything in life that gets fixed starts with relationships. I never thought deeply about the provider side of the equation.

Tommy, patient

What I’ve gleaned is there’s so much we both want out of the relationship. We both want time, we both want personal connection…. You realize we're not on opposite teams, we are on the same team....

MaryLynn, clinician