3rd Conversation

We believe that by creating connection at a human, heart level, we can rebuild not just the patient-clinician relationship, but health care itself — from the inside out.

Health care today can be tough on patients, clinicians and the individuals who work in the system.  Clinicians are burning out and leaving practice at alarming rates; depression and suicide are on the rise. Patients often feel left alone to fend for themselves in a complex system.

Right now, patients and clinicians are talking about their experiences in separate conversations. We think it's time for a new conversation – a 3rd conversation – that brings us together to connect as humans and explore how reinventing the patient-clinician relationship can be a source of power, healing, and fulfillment. Learn more.

3rd Conversation pilots are happening throughout 2018. Interested in hosting your own 3rd Conversation?


A note from the creators of 3rd Conversation: 

We believe the way the health care system has evolved has been disruptive to relationships. We created 3rd Conversation to help engineer the humanity back into health care. 

Now our system is responding to a pandemic. These are uncertain times, and much remains unknown about the impact and trajectory of the coronavirus, except that it will stress and strain our system like never before. 


A key feature of 3rd Conversation   is in-person "Spark events" where clinicians and patients connect and talk openly about working in the system and receiving care. The experience helps build empathy and a deep appreciation for one another's core humanity. For now, these events are on hold, and interested sites are being placed on a wait list until we know it's safe to reconvene.  

We remain grateful for the non-profit foundation funding that will enable us to continue to explore innovation in the ways we create humanity, connection and change in virtual environments. We care deeply about the humans of health care, and are responding to best support front line clinicians, patients, staff and leaders. If you have needs or ideas, reach out to us.


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…everything in life that gets fixed starts with relationships. I never thought deeply about the provider side of the equation.

Tommy, patient

What I’ve gleaned is there’s so much we both want out of the relationship. We both want time, we both want personal connection…. You realize we're not on opposite teams, we are on the same team....

MaryLynn, clinician



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