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Partnering with Patients to Redesign Health Care

Practically Speaking, Halloween Edition: The Tricks & Treats of Partnering with Patients & Family Members To Redesign… Well, Anything! 

Wednesday, October 28 at 12PM ET

Jennifer Sweeney
Jennifer Sweeney

In this session of the Practically Speaking series, MaKaya Saulsberry will engage in a fireside chat with X4 Health and 3rd Conversation co-founders and consumer advocates Christine Bechtel and Jennifer Sweeney about practical, effective, and cutting-edge ways to partner with patients and family members.  

X4 Health [3rd Conversation's parent organization] is a purpose driven organization specializing in social impact design that prioritizes the experience of patients and families.

Christine Bechtel
Christine Bechtel

X4 builds and powers innovations like “Hack the PFAC,” a New York-based model for putting patient and family advisory councils online, as well as 3rd Conversation, which is bringing consumers together with clinicians to imagine a better healthcare system and new ways of working together post COVID-19.

Attendees will learn about how the world of patient and family partnerships has changed since the start of the pandemic, and have the opportunity to get guidance for as it applies to their own work. 


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