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How the patient/clinician relationship will help us survive the pandemic: Webinar

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Christine Bechtel, co-founder of X4 Health, 3rd Conversation, and a patient advocate and Matt Lewis, chief Storyteller of 3rd Conversation and an expert on the use of narrative to build connection, will be hosting a presentation on How the Patient/Clinician Relationship will Help Us Survive the Pandemic on Tuesday, December 8.

Patient-Clinician Relationship During Pandemic: Webinar
Christine Bechtel

The presentation is centered on how reinventing and emphasizing the patient/clinician relationship can be both a source of fulfillment and a meaningful step toward broader systems change that benefits everyone involved with the health care system.

Why is this important during COVID? We know past epidemics have led to a spike in clinician burnout. Overall stress and frustration with the system is at all-time highs for patients. Relationships can be the glue that holds the system together.

headshot of Matt Lewis
Matt Lewis

Programs like 3rd Conversation provide an opportunity for patients and clinicians to connect as humans and share their personal experiences, including providing clinicians a chance to discuss what working in the system is really like and the constraints that they operate under.

Andrew Morris-Singer, co-director of the Morris-Singer Foundation (the primary funder of 3rd Conversation) and Chair of Primary Care Progress; Jennifer Sweeney, co-founder of X4 Health, 3rd Conversation, and a patient advocate; and Nicole Defenbaugh, a Clinical Communication Specialist promoting wellness and patient-centered care will also participate in a fireside chat on the importance of developing both patient/clinician relationships and clinician/system administrator relationships.

The presentation is part of the Quality Innovation Series, hosted by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).


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