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Welcome to the nitty-gritty page! Our goal is to offer you templates, worksheets, pick-lists, and more that will make your work easier. Please don’t let the detail overwhelm you. Use what helps, leave what doesn’t. But please do take a walk through it all. The foundational logistics planning document is the Spark Planners Worksheet, up top. It lists all the tasks involved in planning your experience, broken out by week, with links to just about every other document on this page. But browsing through this page now, and reading the entries’ descriptions, will let you know what is at your fingertips, should you need it. And as always, just reach out if we can help.

Spark Planners Worksheet​

Your weekly planner, walking you through all the tasks leading up to your 3C Experience

Click here to view and download the spreadsheet.

Planners Worksheet

A pick-list for topics to discuss on planning calls as you progress towards the experiences.

Deck for System Planners to Use for Unit Recruitment

You can use this deck, if you wish, for presentations within your organization as you recruit units/departments to participate.

Click here to view and download the Deck.
Site Contacts: Spark/Ignite Experiences - Template 2023

You may add to this template the people who are making your program happen in order to help you keep track of who is doing what and how to reach them

Click here to view and download the List.
Registration: Step-by-Step Instructions


We use the RegFox registration platform. There are a number of steps involved, including creating the registration page, confirmation page, and confirmation email. These step-by-step instructions break it all down for you!

Click here to view and download the Registration Information.

Model Spark Reminders
Model Ignite Reminders 


We recommend you send reminders to participants 7 days and 1 day in advance, through the registration platform. These templates should help (and are also in the instructions).

Click here to view and download the Spark Template.
Click here to view and download the Ignite Template.
Sample Invitation to a 3C Spark Experience

This email template aims to help you recruit participants to your 3C Experience. It is also in the Start-Up Package.

Click here to view and download the Invitation Language.
Email to Facilitators Right Before Spark & Ignite Experiences

You have a lot of information that the facilitators will need to know to do their job! This fill-in-the-blank template should cover all the bases.

Click here to view and download the Email Information.
Facilitator Teams for 3rdConversation Spark and Ignite Experiences


These are the folks who facilitate both the conversation and the technology during 3C experiences. Select and reach out to a Program Facilitator to recruit and schedule for your Experience, and that person will handle scheduling the Tech Facilitator(s). If you'd like more information on individual facilitators before selecting, please reach out to Lois Frankel at

Program Facilitators


Larry Dressler – Ignite

303 506-3127 (not to include in text/WhatsApp groups)

Darin Harris - Spark


Matt Lewis - Spark


Nomali Perera - Spark and Ignite



Tech Facilitators

Steve Davis

Andres Garcia

Vicky Martins Lopez

David Walters

Kelly Westfall

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