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Planning Overview

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This page aims to help you in your role keeping the trains running. First is the Start-Up Package, your guide to all the puzzle pieces and how to put them together, soup to nuts. Next are considerations to help you keep your role aligned with the relational priority of 3C, even when the work gets transactional. We hope these help you navigate the steps and the spirit of 3C.

Start-Up Package
Spark Experience Start-Up Package 

This will be your go-to resource for the steps involved in planning a 3C Spark experience. It includes useful guidance for working as a team, recruiting participants, and more.

Click here to view and download the document.

Supporting You in your Role as a Relational Leader


3rd Conversation (3C) is a relational initiative, focusing the people in health care on the power of connection. This includes how we all work together to run the initiative and its experiences. You have already shown yourself to be relational. But we wanted to share some thoughts on what it may look like to be relational while being in charge of both logistics and keeping the busy people at your institution motivated and attentive to 3C:


You bolster all the players on your team

You’re there to support your team members and encourage actions that lead to a powerful experience You’re by the planners’ side as they work, so they know they’re not on their own and have back-up You understand when others need help meeting deadlines and work collegially for solutions

You serve as the expert at the ready to help

You carefully explain the planners’ role and tasks, to avoid having anyone feel overwhelmed You support your team in completing their tasks on time for a successful event You're available to answer questions and provide needed materials in a timely manner

You are super organized, and your team knows it

You help others keep on track with all the moving parts of 3C You use and adapt 3C planning materials and tools to suit your and your organization's personal style and needs so you can do your best You never hesitate to ask the 3C team for help when needed

You balance being persistent, with being considerate

You understand that people are adding the 3C planning work to existing jobs – you keep them on track, but also recognize that they may need help juggling multiple priorities You remind the team of tasks as needed, yet remain flexible when that is needed (and possible!)

You serve as the thread connecting many players and promoting institution-level impact

You identify and approach the leaders who can clear the path for this work and what comes out of it, influencing other leaders to follow suit You are willing to gather your posse of influencers in order to strategically plan for spread and impact You convene discussions at the unit level both before and after experiences to advance on-going impact throughout the institution, and provide tools and guidance for individual, collaborative, and unit-level action

You recognize your human limitations and know to ask others for help

You can’t know every answer! When in doubt, you will work things through with your planning team, your strategic posse, and/or the 3C team

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