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Vision to rewire primary care financing

Our parent organization, X4 Health, facilitated this effort to change the conversations around primary care in support of improved health for all Americans and the strengthening of primary care.

Seven of the nation’s largest primary care physician organizations today released recommendations on the urgent need to change the way primary care is delivered and financed.

In an open letter to policy makers, payers, purchasers and the public, they call on:

  • The federal government to increase investment in safety net programs, public health agencies and community-based services and support so that they may partner with the medical care sector in addressing structural racism and social drivers of health.

  • Health care organizations to invest in existing community-based social services and ensure that the flow of dollars supports services such as food banks and other safety net programs that address social drivers of health.

  • Fellow physician and clinician societies to create a roadmap for dismantling the policies and regulatory structures that enshrine the current paradigm, and to build multi-stakeholder support for a roadmap



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