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Survey shows primary care is willing to distribute vaccines widely and equitably

WASHINGTON, February 24, 2021— The Larry A. Green Center, in collaboration with the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC) and 3rd Conversation, today released new data showing that primary care is willing to help meet the nation’s COVID-19 vaccine goals through outreach, education, advocacy and administration of the vaccine. However, primary care is not yet being leveraged for these purposes, despite the rapid ramping up of the vaccines’ distribution.

According to a survey of more than 900 primary care clinicians fielded in mid-February, 89% of clinicians want their practices to be a vaccination site, but only 22% are considered one by their health department, local hospital or health system. Targeting groups that are most vulnerable and in need of the vaccine is a key strategy for addressing vaccine equity, and the survey shows that primary care can assist with this. Over 60% of clinicians surveyed have created eligibility groups and carried out proactive outreach to educate their patients.

“There are an awful lot of people and their families searching everywhere for vaccines right now, and wouldn’t it be easier if primary care clinicians were equipped to handle these requests?” said Christine Bechtel, cofounder of 3rd Conversation, a community of patients and clinicians. “The hard truth is that there are also a lot of people hesitant about getting vaccinated, and these data show that primary care professionals can help move those in ‘wait and see’ mode to ‘can’t wait to be protected’ mode.”



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