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Primary Care Patients 'Heartbroken' about Potential Practice Closures

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

New data released this week by the Larry Green Center, in collaboration with 3rd Conversation and the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), shows Americans report feeling 'panicked, upset, or heartbroken' at the prospect of losing their primary care clinician, with 75 percent of respondents reporting a strong, established relationship with their doctor.  

"By any traditional business metrics, thousands of primary care practices should be closing their doors right now – but they stay open for us, their patients," said Christine Bechtel, patient advocate and co-founder of 3rd Conversation. "The fact that, in the middle of a pandemic, our health professionals are struggling to keep their doors open is not just a frightening prospect, it is unacceptable. Lawmakers must act to provide immediate relief targeted to primary care practices," she said. 

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