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Meet our Team: Darin Harris

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Meet Darin Harris: Innovation & Inspiration in Our Team

Darin Harris brings energy, curiosity, and inspiration to address complex challenges in today's chaotic times. Groups from around the world call on Darin to facilitate their full engagement and creative participation. He is co-founder of Living Giving Enterprises, an organizational and leadership development company which houses Journey of Collaboration.

For over 25 years, Darin has convened people from multi-faceted fields and backgrounds to address challenges like mercury management, urban-rural land use, homelessness, elderly falls prevention, sustainable manufacturing, diversity in the arts, higher education innovation, and climate change to name a few. His clients have included universities, nonprofits, industrial and manufacturing firms, school districts, and local and state governments.

We asked Darin why he chooses to be a facilitator for 3rd Conversation events:

"3C is about repairing the strained relationships between providers and patients. Being part of this process and seeing it happen in real time, I feel alive and nourished as well as humbled.
It is work that is both purposeful and powerful. This keeps me coming back for more!"

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