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We're designed to care for others...but the current health care system is not

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

The 3rd Conversation is focused on bringing together disparate groups to connect as humans and explore how that relationship can be a source of power, healing, and fulfillment. In that vein, here are some items that piqued our interest or inspired us this week…

“I have become a ‘problem’ in my office. How can we get Dr. Rubin to run on time? Let’s knock on the door so she will stop taking care of an important patient care problem and move onto the next patient…Let’s fix the actual problem…Lets fix the system.”

Addressing the Issues Healthcare Practitioners Face

Fifteen minutes is not enough time for patients and clinicians to connect, to build relationships, and to co-determine health. We agree with the author: The current health care system and payment structure is not designed with the best needs of either patients or clinicians in mind. It’s time for a change!

Many individuals had their first experiences with telehealth as COVID shutdowns began last year. Despite hiccups, many report positive experiences and some version of telehealth is likely here to stay. But future versions must prioritize the patient/clinician relationship and incorporate strategies to set both the patient and the clinician up for success.

Want to help your community and your health? Good news! Research shows that good deeds such as volunteering, donating to causes, and acting as a caregiver all have a positive impact on your physical health.

“It is really amazing how, on the one hand, caring is rewarding and addictive. And, on the other hand, it is also good for our bodies for calming stress and protecting us from really damaging diseases such as cardiovascular disease.”


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