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"We Need People": Catching up with Jeri Sumitani

As we reflect on the past year - while looking, with eyes full of hope, toward 2022 - we want to highlight reflections, interviews, and insights from the 3rd Conversation community.

Jeri Sumitani

In that vein, we rounded back with Jeri Sumitani, a physician assistant and administrator at the Grady Infectious Disease Program in Atlanta, one of our early 3C sites (Fall 2018), and the subject of one of the first Narrative interviews we conducted.

We asked Jeri about her experiences during the Covid pandemic, and she highlighted the importance of relationships and human connection to the mental and physical health of both her and her patients.

"We need people, especially when you are feeling this level of overwhelmed, this level of hopelessness. That's essentially all you have is connections with people, and those relationships that lift you up at the end of the day."

Watch the full video:


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