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Thank You: From Our Homes to Your Hearts

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

By 3rd Conversation

3rd Conversation is about in-person, intentional gathering to create human connection between clinicians and patients. Knee-to-knee, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart. It’s been very difficult with the COVID pandemic to watch clinicians on the front lines work to exhaustion and to be limited in the ways we can support them. But we have witnessed creative ways of expressing gratitude and communicating appreciation. We’re seeing humans come together collectively to lift our health care workers up in whatever ways we can. It’s beautiful to witness.

As a society and as a world, we’re rising to the occasion. We’re doing less in-person, but we’re doing more apart. In many ways, this was the goal of 3rd Conversation with our intentional gatherings of clinicians and patients at our Spark events. To connect. To listen. To see each other for the human beings we all are. It’s powerful to watch this happen naturally across the internet, around the world. People are finally getting it. Health care workers already needed our help. They already were overworked, under acknowledged, burnt out and depressed. But it took a global pandemic, a national quarantine and the beauty of virtual connection for those cries for help to finally be heard. We’re nowhere near done in our work. But to see humanity come together as one to support these brave individuals is awe inspiring.

Thank you health care clinicians. We appreciate you. We’re here for you.

From our homes to your hearts, thank you.

If you believe in the power of human connection and are looking for inspiration in these challenging times, please join us in two forums we've created to bring patients and clinicians together:



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