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Recognizing our humanity is key to maintaining health

The 3rd Conversation is focused on bringing together disparate groups to connect as humans and explore how that relationship can be a source of power, healing, and fulfillment. In that vein, here are some items that piqued our interest or inspired us this week…

Health care workers are humans, first and foremost. We love that this article, showcasing their humanity, reminds of us that. We continue to advocate for the importance of patients and health care clinicians connecting on that human level and its impact on overall health and wellbeing for all participants.

Holistic and integrative care aren’t new concepts, but a a silver lining from the COVID pandemic might be the enhanced recognition of their value. Patients and clinicians both are taking the time to truly ask how each other are, and there has never been more awareness of the connections between our physical health, mental health, and our lives in general.

Love this concept: “I think there is more and more evidence that intentionally incorporating arts and humanities into medical education makes people better doctors. We know that storytelling builds empathy and hearing stories builds empathy.”


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