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Primary care's role in COVID, including vaccine distribution

The 3rd Conversation is focused on bringing together disparate groups to connect as humans and explore how that relationship can be a source of power, healing, and fulfillment. In that vein, here are some items that piqued our interest or inspired us this week…

These monthly Twitter chats, typically held on the third Thursday of each month and hosted by Mathematica, have provided an opportunity for us and other interested individuals and organizations to discuss the changing landscape of primary care during the COVID pandemic. Past conversations have focused on the challenges facing primary care, telehealth, equity, and behavioral health integration. Potential topics still to come include payment reform, burnout, and more. We encourage you to participate in upcoming chats, use the hashtag to explore past conversations, and follow us on Twitter!

Need some good news and optimism in your life this week? We sure do! Check out the Sounds Good podcast, which features ‘hopeful conversations with optimists and world-changers about the headlines we can be hopeful about — and how you can get involved and make a difference.’ New episodes are released on Mondays or check out the most popular past episodes.

The first wave of COVID vaccines may become available for certain high-risk populations in the United States later this month. But the percentage of individuals who report they are hesitant to take the vaccine remains high. We echo the thoughts of these authors: “The established relationships between primary care teams and their patients are a powerful resource for building the trust — a rare commodity these days — necessary for vaccine outreach and acceptance.” Primary care can and should play a central role in vaccine distribution efforts.



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