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Gratitude, trust, and co-producing health

The 3rd Conversation is focused on bringing together disparate groups to connect as humans and explore how that relationship can be a source of power, healing, and fulfillment. In that vein, here are some items that piqued our interest or inspired us this week…

2020 has been a rough year, and the winter is looking like more of the same. Here at 3rd Conversation, we’re taking a cue from the clinician who authored this piece: Practice gratitude intentionally. Gratitude is believed to release brain endorphins, which can lower levels of inflammation, lead to better sleep, and lessen incidences of depression. Practicing gratitude can also positively affect your relationships and make life just a little better for others you interact with.

COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the United States has begun. The first wave of vaccines is expected to go to front-line health care clinicians and individuals living in congregate care settings, like nursing homes. As more doses of the vaccine become available, it will be even more important for individuals to trust the vaccine development process and opt in to receiving it. Enter the primary care doctor. We agree with the author -- “Without a regular source of primary care that patients can turn to for expert advice, reassurance, listening, and empathy when it comes to questions, concerns, and anxieties about getting a COVID-19 vaccine, a critical voice of legitimacy is lost.” It’s vital that we help individuals connect with primary care clinicians and prioritize the time it takes to build a relationship based on trust.

Clinicians bring one kind of knowledge and experience to the table, and patients bring another. Working together in partnership to set mutual goals and produce health creates a better experience for everyone involved. Programs like 3rd Conversation create a setting where both patients and clinicians can be vulnerable, communicate authentically, and have the time to connect on a human level.


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