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Welcome! This section of the website is for organizations and individuals that are planning to host or interested in hosting a 3rd Conversation in their community.


Confirmed Hosts

If you are planning a local 3rd Conversation, use the "Login/Sign up" button below to create log-in credentials and access resources.


Interested in hosting a 3rd Conversation ?


Great! Successful sites have the characteristics listed in the box to the right. If your community/organization does, too, click here (or on the button below) to complete a brief form and we will be in touch soon.

3rd Conversation Sites

3rd Conversation  Sites Are Successful When They:

✓ Are inspired to bring patients and clinicians together outside the exam room to connect about their relationship.


Have a clear sense of what they hope to get out of the 3rd Conversation.

✓ Have at least one patient and one health professional to serve as co-hosts, tell personal stories, and help lead the events.

✓ Have a small team of people able devote time to organizing successful events over the course of several months.

✓ Are able to recruit 10-20 patients and 10-20 health professionals total to come together in person for roughly 3 hours across two separate events.


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