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Get ready, New York: 3rd Conversation is expanding

COVID has thrown everyone a curveball. To protect participants’ health during this tumultuous time, 3rd Conversation made the decision to indefinitely pause all in-person Spark events. Since then, we have been working hard to adapt the Spark event to a virtual format in a manner that still captures the intimacy and sense of human connection that our traditional, in-person events created. After several adaptations and Friends and Family events to test our new structure, we are ready to launch our virtual Spark!

Enter the New York State Health Foundation

This summer, the New York State Health Foundation awarded a grant to X4 Health to expand the 3rd Conversation virtually to six New York sites. The project, Building Consumer-Clinician Relationships and Supporting COVID-19 Recovery: A Virtual 3rd Conversation Model for NYS, aims to build and restore consumer-clinician relationships. It will provide an opportunity for clinicians and patients to connect and talk openly about their experiences both working in and receiving care within the health care system during a time of rapid transformation.

Why participate?

Our health care system, and our country, has never seen anything like COVID. We need empathy and human connection now more than ever.

Many health care entities are struggling to address rising rates of clinician burnout, depression, and suicide. While not a panacea, 3C helps reconnect providers to meaning in their work. 3C offers an opportunity for providers and patients to describe a shared vision of the system they collectively desire, and to take action to bring that future into reality.

“A shared understanding of each other’s perspectives will identify action items and system changes that can benefit all" ~ New York State Health Foundation

Communities who are interested in participating in the 3rd Conversation should contact us to join the waitlist for this no-cost event.

Are you an organization who is interested in funding additional 3rd Conversation sites? Let us know!



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