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Building trust and improving our mental health

The 3rd Conversation is focused on bringing together disparate groups to connect as humans and explore how that relationship can be a source of power, healing, and fulfillment. In that vein, here are some items that piqued our interest or inspired us this week…

Clinician burnout…it was a serious issue before COVID, and it remains one today. Medscape’s 2021 report breaks down the results of a large physician survey and is worth a read. We know clinicians need our support: That’s why, in addition to 3rd Conversation’s Spark event connecting patients and clinicians, we’re now offering the Ignite event, designed to bring together clinicians and administrators.

It’s not just clinicians who are struggling with their mental health. Many of us are struggling with ‘pandemic fatigue,’ unemployment, home schooling children, health concerns, or other stressors. That’s why we like the reminder to practice self-care in these tips for better mental health.

We wholeheartedly agree with this author: Relationships are built on trust, and a strong patient/clinician relationship is one of the keys to health. “You are present with me on my health journey…you allow me to share my story…you see me as an individual….knowing and understanding me, you come to better know and understand yourself.”


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